A picture book and song about the power of finding your own, extraordinary voice

About the Book

Sing Like A Unicorn is a sweet and magical tale that follows one child's journey — guided by a long-maned and rather fluffy unicorn — to find a voice unlike anything the world has heard before.

Written by award-winning New Zealand singer and songwriter Jeremy Redmore, it's a book that aims to encourage children, aged 2-7, to find their authentic selves via the joy of singing.

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Plus, it comes to life with its own song & award-winning music video!

Sing Like A Unicorn

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About the Author


“Throughout the roller-coaster that has been my life so far, singing has taken me to remarkable places, provided joy and fellowship and helped me embrace my unique place in the world. I hope this project can help lead children everywhere down similar, magical paths.”


About the Illustrator

Jason Crowley

“I make my living as a UI/UX Designer but have always enjoyed making pictures in my free time. When Jeremy came to me with his idea it gave me the motivation I needed to add something unique to the world.”