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  • Pinch us if we're dreaming.. Suzy Cato read our book!

    'Pinch-Me' moments are rare in life, so Jason and I were lucky enough to experience this particularly potent one as part of the release of the pape...
  • Our first review! (yes, you read that right)

    Getting an independently-published book reviewed is harder than you may think...
  • The ins and outs of self-distribution

    The next major hurdle and learning curve to climb on our publishing journey was how to get 214kg of books safely and efficiently into the hands of ...
  • Advance copies and the final journey

    There may be few things better in life than a locked-down morning in front of a computer screen being interrupted by the knock of a courier your su...
  • It's alive! Our First Colour Proofs

    How do you make sure what you've made on your computer will look good on real paper? Print some proofs! We break down that process for you.
  • Pushing Play - Getting the Book Printed

    Jeremy talks through the offshore printing process and de-mystifies obscure printing terms in the process
  • Fine Tuning - Designing the Book

    Jason walks us through the book design process for Sing Like A Unicorn.
  • Development - From Sketches to Full Colour

    Jason talks about the thought process around bringing his sketches and drawings to life.
  • Genesis - Rough Early Sketches

    Jason reveals some of the very first sketches of what eventually became the illustrations for Sing Like A Unicorn.
  • Who's who - The illustrator: Jason Crowley

    This post is all about Jason, our illustrator.
  • Who's who - The author: Jeremy Redmore

    We thought it was about time we introduce ourselves properly. First up, it's our author: Jeremy Redmore.