Pinch us if we're dreaming.. Suzy Cato read our book!

'Pinch-Me' moments are rare in life, so Jason and I were lucky enough to experience this particularly potent one as part of the release of the paperback version of our book.

Suzy Cato has been a shining star for Aotearoa's children for as long as I can remember - I'm pretty sure she taught me to count, read, cook, know te reo basics and how to have a first crush! And she continues to entertain and educate via her website, YouTube channel and radio show where she has been a champion for local kids music.

Suzy Cato holds the Sing Like A Unicorn book

So to have someone like her take the time to feature our book is mind-blowing. We had planned to post our own video of a book reading but, alas, that cannot happen anymore - as it could never top one by SUZY CATO! 

But how did this all come about? Well, sometimes living in a small country filled with plenty of friendly, approachable people has its benefits - just emailing her at her listed address with an information sheet about the book and the overall project was enough to get her attention. That, and playing up to her passion for the books, music and art that's created for Kiwi tamariki every week.

Thanks Suzy for making dreams come true. We hope you enjoy watching our book read by a legend as much as we have (every night without fail!).