Who's who - The author: Jeremy Redmore

Alright, so you've had a taste of what Sing Like A Unicorn is all about, but we thought it was about time we introduce ourselves properly and tell the story behind why this book exists in the first place.

First up, it's me, Jeremy. Lovely to meet you. I wrote the words for our story; a sweet, rhyming roller-coaster that would usually - given my history - be immediately turned into a song.

I have spent the past 20 years now writing songs, and have been singing even longer. Both are what I would describe as essential elements of my life and they have provided me with a storied existence so far.

I could relay to you all the tangible gifts that journey has given me, but they do not relate whatsoever to a book I hope captures the value in things much more rare.

Growing up, my mum was always worried about me, a waif of a boy with low self-esteem and confidence issues. Books, pamphlets and posters would appear in my room, all espousing the equivalent of today's Instagram motivational memes. However, I still entered my teenage years with little sense of identity or pride in myself.

It was in high school that I discovered that the ballads I previously confined to a shower cubicle could be enjoyed by my friends, and classmates and even the general public.

Over the following years I found in singing a way to express my deep-held emotions, recognise my unique place in the world and how, by sharing those, I could bring light into the lives of others.

There is something absolutely natural, embedded in our DNA, about singing. Whether tuneful or tuneless, soft or rowdy, by oneself or in a crowd, singing always has a profound effect on those involved. And I firmly believe there is a pathway there for everyone to discover their authentic selves and that, by then sharing it with the world, they can take pride and confidence in adding a new shade of colour to the ever-growing palette of human expression.

So I hope that - after reading this book - next time you or your children, or young people you know, start singing while doing the dishes, or in the shower, or on the loo, or together in the car on a roadtrip; you'll reflect on just how powerful those acts can be.