Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where can I buy a copy of your book?

    After releasing a sold out first edition to end 2021, our second edition is now on sale! This edition is available via our webstore plus a wide variety of specialised gift stores in New Zealand.

  • Where can I keep up to date with your journey and learn about how you made the book?

    We have active Instagram and Facebook accounts, so follow us to keep up to date on what we’re up to. We’ll be posting exciting updates and shining a light on our journey; how we made the book, sketches of initial concepts, the making of the book's song and music video, more about Jeremy and Jason's creative lives, and much more. We also have a blog on our website which outlines each of the steps we took in bringing this project to life. We hope this can inspire you to start your own creative adventures.

  • What are shipping costs for online purchases?

    Shipping is $8.50 within New Zealand, except for rural addresses which cost $13. International shipping is also available with affordable shipping from our European distributor for that part of the world. A full outline of our 'Shipping Policy' can be found in our website's footer.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do, though we currently only have distribution out of NZ and the Netherlands - so rates outside of Australasia and Europe reflect the distance required to reach you.

  • Will my order be tracked?

    Yes, all New Zealand, European and UK orders will be tracked, so you can monitor where your book is during its journey to you. We’ll give you tracking information once your order is in transit with the courier company. All other international orders are sent via NZ Post's standard non-tracked airmail service.

  • When can I expect to receive my book once I have ordered it?

    All orders will be processed within 1-3 working days, and we expect delivery to also take 1-3 working days once your books are picked up by a courier - or up to 5 working days for rural deliveries. Standard international delivery times apply.

  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?

    Yes our cardboard box packaging is recyclable and made of recycled material. We care about the environment and want to reduce our impact on it.

  • I made a mistake with my order, how do I fix this?

    We’re all humans and make mistakes! If you've made a mistake when entering your details, contact us and we'll get it sorted.

  • Can I purchase your book wholesale?

    Yes, you can. Just contact Tikitibu at or go to for more details.

Question not answered here?

If you have a question but it’s not answered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll have an answer for you within 48 hours :)

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